Product Reviews

In the broader context of advertising and marketing, product reviews and the resulting interaction between consumers, also known as electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM), has become an integral aspect in consumers’ buying-decisions. Indeed, consumers today even prefer online recommendations from others over traditional information sources, such as brochures or personal sales advice. Throughout our research, we investigate the determinants of credible product reviews. This blog post sums up our findings and practical implications.

Credibility of Influencers

Due to their persuasive powers, companies have been increasing their cooperations with influencers, meaning opinion leaders on social media, as part of the marketing strategy. Yet, the challenge remains as to how companies should decide which influencer is especially suitable to raise awareness about their products or services. Thus, our research focuses on the factors which positively impact the social media users’ perception of influencers and their credibility. Click here to read more about this research.

Emotional Advertising

The power of emotions on our thought processes and behaviours is also being utilized in advertising. Not only is the acceptance of emotional advertising generally high, but emotional advertising messages are also more likely to be remembered by consumers. Viral marketing uses the positive effects of emotional advertising on social media to reach a higher number of (potential) customers. On the one hand, our research efforts explain the connection between emotions and the virality of advertisements. Read more about the related studies in this blog post. On the other hand, we took a closer look at the differences between emotional and informative advertising appeals in this blog post.