In-Depth Interviews

In-Depth Interviewing is a qualitative method, which involves conducting one on one individual open-structured interviews. This method belongs to the explorative research methods and thus has the goal of exploring new, previously unknown insights and contexts. The conversation is transcribed word-by-word, which is a time-consuming part of data capture. The protocols provide complete chains of thought and argumentation that well depict complex psychological relationships – e.g. for the introduction of new technologies or the development of technological preferences. By doing In-Depth Interviews much more detailed information can be provided than what is available through most other data collection methods.


The method is particularly suitable for finding out underlying motives, perceptions and motivations for behavior from previously defined target groups and stakeholders. Especially in studies targeting a completely new, or radically different technology, in-depth interviews provide the opportunity to deliver a first basis for further research, e.g. to develop a quantitative research instrument. Interviews, however, can also be employed as a standalone research approach aimed at a better and in-depth understanding of consumer behavior throughout a wide area of thematic applications.